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Festivals are becoming more and more popular every year, however does the growing number of people affect people’s safety at festivals? Festivals such as Download and Bloodstock have welfare tents in place to make sure festival goers feel safe and volunteers make sure people have a safe space to go to if they need it. But do people actually feel safe when at these events?

Also with the increasing popularity of drugs at music festivals, there is a sense of worry and concern about the thousands of people who attend the festivals each year and what pressure it will bring to the people who work behind the scenes, helping people who are in need at these events.

CUE: Music Festivals are the highlight to any music fan’s year and some people wait all year for the festival season to come around. However the growing number of people attending these events may affect the safety of others. Why do people feel unsafe and what can be done to help? Alex Jones finds out more…

IN- “Whats up Leeds Festival…”

OUT- “… and we’ll see you again next year”

DUR- 3’30”






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