Audio So Far: The Dreams

Over the past couple of weeks I have conducted 2 interviews for my individual audio project. During this time I concentrated on creating the dreams for the dramatised part of the audio project, using sound effects that I have created myself, and found sound online. When editing, I wore headphones and tried to concentrate on creating ‘moving’ sound, so that the listener can feel as though they are in the different dream situations that are being described.

They are not finished in any way yet, and my voice in them is still in ‘rough’, this is because I intended up to today to be getting different voice actors to read each of the dreams, but after showing them to the class it was suggested that I could voice the flying and falling dream as my voice is suited to this. I will however, be using a voice actor to read the role as the teacher, as my voice is nowhere near suited to that! Over the next couple of weeks I will be developing these dreams more by adding in some more sound effects.

The first dream, showing the situation of flying and falling can be heard below….

The second dream, showing the situation of walking into class and being unprepared can be heard below…


My Interviews

I have so far interviewed 2 people: an energy insights expert who analyses dreams, and a composer who dreams ‘music dreams’, and then wakes up and quickly has to write down the music that she hears, which then turns into full pieces of music. I have now emailed some psychologists, and the plan is to ask them questions that will help both of my two interviewees blend together, so that I will be able to montage the three voices and not use any links.


The Next Steps

Over the next 4 weeks, my plans to develop my audio project are as follows:

  • Find a psychologist to interview, and create suitable questions that will give me a strong narrative for the audio project.
  • Start cutting bits together from the interviews that could sound like they fit well together
  • Add more sound effects to add to the dramatised dreams
  • Compose more music for the piano, which can be used throughout the audio project & to link it together
  • Find a voice actor that can read off the teacher lines
  • Re record my own voice for the narration of the dramatised dreams
  • After I have conducted the final interview, I will then go back to my paper edit of the project and then properly try to slot each section into it’s own place.
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