Blog 4

Edit Week and Final submission


After all the repeated takes and scenes and weeks of hard work it was time to bring the script to a final audio drama.

Lauren was responsible for editing the final audio piece. Honestly, I had no doubt that she would do an excellent job at it. Before the submission Lauren  scheduled a meeting to listen to the draft piece. I was happy with the draft piece. She incorporated all the main bits and her sound choice was really cool as well as she added pop music like Wildest Dreams (Taylor Swift Cover), which worked quite well with our audio piece. It was easy for her to find sound effects as she already had them saved from her previous projects.

I gave her few suggestions for adding specific sounds in some scenes. For over an hour Lauren and I went over the audio piece over and over to make the audio piece as good as possible. After that it was all left to Lauren and in the morning before the submission she shared a final piece and everyone loved it. Dinglin and Irene were responsible for music reporting form and prog description details. Finally, Lauren submitted our work and I was very happy with our final edit and my group. 

Overall, I learned a lot from this module and it definitely sparked my interest in podcasting and audio drama. Now I can differentiate between different sound effects and understand what sound works for different scenes. I realise now how important it is to add suitable sounds to make a perfect audio piece. First as a producer and then as a director I really got to use my communication and management skills as I was contacting and scheduling meetings with actors, writers and my group. I’m glad I chose this module to broaden my learning.


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