Production Week One: 7/11/16 – 13/11/16

As a group we decided to start work on both Branding and Advertising as soon as possible, so this week as part of the Branding team I have been focusing on research and planning but have also managed to start producing some rough edits of trails as well. To start with I created a document listing and scripting all the branding we will need for both ‘Mi-Soul’ and ‘The Groove’ as well as some ideas for music that can be used in the trails and for beds, this was taken mainly from a playlist that Eliza created on spotify which I have been listening to as much as I can in order to get a better understanding of the genre as it is not something I am very familiar with.

During the production lesson on Thursday I started work on a trail for a ‘New Soul’ show as part of the ‘Mi-Soul’ branding, we decided that Mark’s voice would be a nice fit for this show as we wanted it to appeal to a slightly younger audience. Once we had recorded the scripted links in the studio I started to play around with them on ‘Audition’ and add music and SFX, however I have since decided that I want to do the basic edits in ‘Audition’ but then move over to ‘Sadie’ when it comes to putting it all together and mixing the music together.

Production Week Two 14/11/16 – 20/1/16

This week the group met on Monday and Thursday, I have finished editing the ‘New Soul Show Trail’ and started to voice the station and show idents. Clare has helped me out a lot this week as part of the branding team as I was unable to make the meeting on Thursday so she has begun to edit the news and travel idents, which are sounding pretty good.

New Soul Show Trail:

Travel branding:

News branding:


Production week three 21/11/16 – 27/11/16

This week the whole has been super busy and pretty stressed, but we have got a lot done! During Monday’s meeting  I began working on an ident for one of the shows features, ‘the rare groove’. I am not totally happy with how this is coming along at the moment as it seems too basic but I am going to ask the team for some on advice on a direction I can take it in. I have also added a station ident to the end of the new soul show trail.

The Rare Groove (Unfinished):

The New Soul Show (Edited):

We all met for  production day on Thursday and also had an hour long meeting with Matthew, plus a separate meeting for ads and branding. I re-voiced all of the station idents and sweepers (other than the ones for news and travel) using an older voice, and they are sounding  much more appropriate for the station. I spent the rest of the day editing these into idents and adding beds, this took much longer than I thought I would as I was struggling to find music that i could cut into 4-6 second chunks without the ending sounding harsh. However by the end of the day I had 7 separate idents ready to be mixed down, just waiting for approval from Eliza and Simon at this stage and I plan to show them the finished result in Mondays meeting.


Production week four 28/11/16- 04/12/16

This week  all the idents were approved and mixed down ready to be put into myriad, as well as this I worked on branding for ‘The Rare Groove’  and ‘The Funk Factory’, so that all the branding will be complete for the pilot on Thursday. I have also created a ‘FINAL BRANDING’ folder on the google drive, which is divided into the sections ‘idents’ ‘dry idents’ ‘features’ ‘trails’ and ‘news and weather’ everything in this folder is complete and ready to be inputted into myriad.



The Rare Groove:

(The listener chosen song will come in part way through this jingle)

The Funk Factory:

Callum put together this ident together, but following Eliza’s instructions I made a few changes

Pilot Show:

The feedback from the show was fairly positive branding wise, however I emailed Tom to ask for some in depth changes that needed to be made. The main advice he gave me was to look into changing some of the music in the idents for something that would be less recognisable and not make the listener think they were going to hear that song.


Production week five: 04/12/16-08/12/16

Following Toms Feedback I made changes to some of the Idents, For example a specific example he gave during the feedback session included a clip from the Lady Wray track ‘Do it again’ which I have now scrapped and replaced with ‘Bileo- You can Win’

Lady Wray Ident:

Bileo Ident:


Final Show Day!

Today it was decided that ‘the Groove’ would have a new tagline, one hour before going on air! This meant I had to make 4 new idents (Two dry and two with music). As well as this we recorded some dry idents to be played throughout ‘the Soul Train’ as a way of informing listeners what was going on if they tuned in part way through the mix.

New Tagline Idents:

Dry Soul Train Idents:

The Show seemed to go well! Although a lot of old branding that has since been improved must not have been removed from myriad as it went out in the show. This was a little frustrating as I  had created a very clear folder on the drive with the updated branding that was to be used for the final show, therefore a lot of the new branding was not heard at all.

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