Slug: Ewan Chapman/Georgie Ringrose interview

Ewan Chapman 11/11/2019

CUE: Bake off is back for another series. Despite its decline in in viewer figures this year, Channel 4 has already given commission for yet another series of the TV phenomenon.

Every year, families settle down to watch bake off waiting to anticipate the standard off baking and this year was no different. It arguably had a higher standard of baking than ever before. After a drop of half a million viewers from the previous final Channel 4 face a number of questions into why such a significant drop occurred.

The idea concept of bake off has evolved from series to series with series one being drastically different. Bake off used to move round the country from week to week but more recently the tent stays put for the duration of the episode.

Ewan Chapman is the interviewer with the winner of this years bake off was David, but Steph was the expected winner from the British public after her repeated star baker awards.


In words: I think um Steph should’ve won

Out words: That was the end of the interview… that was great

DUR: 3”00

Back anno: Ewan Chapman talking to an amateur baker, Georgie Ringrose reflecting on this year’s bake-off.


Slug: Georgie Ringrose/Lucy Whiteley conversation

Ewan Chapman 11/11/2019

CUE: Georgie and Lucy, two friends are situated in the street talking about their upcoming plans going to Paris to take photographs during Paris photo week. The conversation then progresses to talk about their futuristic plans. Lucy has just come out of the gym as they talk about their next plans in the upcoming future. They have plans to go skiing and discuss multiple methods of keeping fit and remaining healthy.


In words: We are going to Paris tomorrow

Out words: Thank you very much, thank you

DUR: 2”00

Back anno: Georgie and Lucy discussing adventuring in the gym and potential future plans


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