Fay Cross

Blog post 1: I knew my subject I wanted to cover straight away as I was inspired during the summer break. I wanted to cover blood donation and young people, try and encourage them into blood donation. I did a lot of research into it and feel like the NHS Give Blood page on Facebook and Twitter was lacking this as. I found out that the majority of people who donate are over 45 years of age and feel this needs to change, as 7 minutes of a needle in your arm can save a life – the aim of the audio piece is to get people to realise this! I sent an email out to Give Blood and waiting on a reply.


Blog post 2: This week in class I wrote my proposal for my piece, I still haven’t heard anything back from Give Blood so it has been a quiet few weeks, I’m working on planning the lay out of the piece at the moment. I’m wanting to use my donation as the spine of the piece and then interviews with other people including donors, people that work for Give Blood, people who haven’t donated and what would encourage them to do so and also trying to get someone to donate for the first time.


Blog post 3: Still not heard anything from Give Blood so I came up with a new idea of encouraging people to start their own business, this was inspired by my dad who sells LED lights all around the world. If I’ve not heard anything by next week, I’ll be going ahead with this idea instead.


Blog post 4: They got back to me a day after coming up with the new idea and I’ve been emailing someone from the press office who has organised an interview for me the day of my donation, I’m going to be narrating my experience as I go along. I also have started writing my ‘in studio’ links with facts to pad out the audio. I am slightly worried that it has to be 18 minutes long and that it won’t get to that length but hopefully with the amount of interviews and reflective links will help it and get people thinking.

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