Episode 1 – History of Tang Soo Do and East London Tang Soo Do


Cue – In this episode, Josephine Bruce takes you through the history of The World Tang Soo Do Association and how/when it was founded as well as introducing her local martial arts club in East London which is made up of students of all ages, all ranks from beginners to masters and male and female

Back Anno – If you found this podcast episode interesting, feel free to visit the Tang Soo Do official website to find out more information on the history of Tang Soo Do, Events, what clubs are near you and what you can do to get involved. http://www.gbtsda.com

In – “Ever heard of…

Out – …social benefits”

Duration – 3’47”


Episode 2 – World Tang Soo Do Association Competitions

Cue – World Tang Soo Do Association competitions happen around twice a year and are a big part of the Tang Soo Association. They allow students to put what they have learnt into practise and bring Clubs from all around the world together. Join Josephine Bruce at the 2018 Regional Championships in Cardiff as she takes you through her experience of competitions, why people compete, how they prepare and what judges look for in performances

Back Anno – If you enjoyed this podcast episode make sure to visit the Official Tang Soo Do Website for more information on events and clubs near you that you can get involved in. http://www.gbtsda.com

In – “It’s the…

Out – …lovely day”

Duration – 3’27”


Episode 3 – Women in Tang Soo Do

Cue – Traditionally, whenever we would think of martial arts and who practised it, it would be seen as a prodominantly male sport. However nowadays women have broken that ideal and have shown major progression in the martial arts world. Women in Tang Soo Do have especially demonstrated their growth in martial arts. Josephine Bruce takes you through a look at an example of the women in Tang Soo Do through the Women’s Demonstration at the 2018 World Championships in North Carolina, USA and interviews the highest ranking female Master in the whole of Europe, Master Dawn Khan on her journey through Tang Soo Do

Back Anno – If you were inspired whilst listening to this podcast episode, male or female, you can find out more about Master Dawn’s club and what you can do to get involved at http://gbtsda.com and search for her under the ‘Instructors’ tab

In – “It’s the…

Out – …the future”

Duration – 7’26”

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