14th October 2019-

My idea for my audio project is ‘A Day In The Life Of A Police Officer’ and the idea is to follow a police officer and capture key moments of their day in a 15 minute long documentary style piece. I would look into the behind the scenes of the police as well and look into roles such as call handlers or inspectors to see what work they do and how it keeps the police force running smoothly. I think it would be interesting to see other aspects of police work, and not just look at front line police work.

At the moment, I am emailing contacts I have in different police forces around the country, moving slightly away from the original idea to base it in London entirely. This is because the Metropolitan Police cannot take part in any student project which is understandable and therefore I need to start asking different forces around the country. The key thing for me to do at the moment is to make sure that I can get the permission from an officer, or police force for me to record and spend the day with an officer. My back up plan is to still do something similar and on the same topic, but to talk to different officers about their experience working in the police and use sound as a way to demonstrate their story in a creative way.


Things to do

  • Get a definite yes or no from police forces to determine whether this idea is doable and safe for me to do.
  • Gather a list of interviewees who are willing to participate.
  • Get relevant sounds that I can use in my piece to either use as background noise or sounds to tell the story.


Possible interviewees

  • Garry Bernes (SYP)
  • South Yorkshire Police
  • Thames Valley Police
  • Hertfordshire Police
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