Finn’s Law- Alex Jones

Cue- Every day, hundreds of police dogs and their handlers around the country risk their lives to protect ours, but have you ever thought about what would happen if they got injured while on duty? On the 5th October 2016, PC Dave Wardell and his partner Finn were out on patrol in Stevenage, however Finn got stabbed while on duty. This feature tells the story of Finn, and what Finn’s Law is calling for.


IN- “Police with a dog…”

OUT- “… but it will mean that it didn’t happen for nothing.”

DUR- 9’55”

In this feature I speak to PC Dave Wardell who tells the incredible story of Finn and what these working animals deserve. Him and many others were shocked to find out that working service animals had no protection in law if they were to get injured while on duty.

I then spoke to PC Garry Bernes from South Yorkshire Police’s dog unit about his thoughts on the topic and I also spoke to his children, Jess and Jake to find out what having three police dogs living at home with them is like. I then spoke to MP Sir Oliver Heald, who is working alongside Dave to make Finn’s Law a reality, and is pushing to make sure that a Law is passed to help protect these animals.

Finally, I went on patrol with PC Garry Bernes, who is also a part of South Yorkshire Police’s dog unit and spoke to him about his thoughts on the idea of Finn’s Law.


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