I have decided to produce an informative piece raising awareness on the  neurodevelopmental  disorder, ADHD/ ADD. This disorder is usually under looked and has been known to be misdiagnosed in the medical field. In the UK 2 to 5% of school children are identified  with having ADHD. However, this could be more, as the majority of adults are undiagnosed with having the disorder . It has been studied that adults and teenagers  who have  undiagnosed  neurodevelopmental disorder can face a lot of problems -Such as depression, addiction, anxiety, anger management or even misdiagnosed. 

My project  will be a  storytelling documentary ; told by three different people from different backgrounds, who have been diagnosed with ADHD when they were  adults. I want the narrators to tell their story from childhood to adulthood. What they were like in school, their struggles in school? How they have coped with it ? The support they are dealing with now? This would be supported with sound elements to create actuality and support the story telling.

My main focus is getting those who have been diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder , as an adult to share their story.


My inspiration has come from the YouTube channel How to ADHD by Jessica McCabe. On Jessica  channel she informs people- gives advice on how to cope with ADHD and shares her experience and other people’s experience. Jessica has even presented on TED Talks to discuss ADHD. 

I  was also inspired by other Ted Talk  speakers who have discussed coping with ADHD. .Stephen Toti,  Toby Shaw, Nickki Amani, George Cici, Salif Mahamane and many more. 

I had a listen to documentary and podcast maker ; Hana Walker Brown’s work. Her story telling piece stood out to me. In her work she uses people to narrate their own story and sound is used to set the scene and tell the story. 


These roads- A documentary following London street gangs.

Korliss Uecker: Adventures in success-A romantic story told by opera singer Korliss Uecker.  

Hannah Walker Brown page :

The beautiful Brain- A audio sample about a footballer who developed CTE.

Sound elements and Techniques :

  • School playground, school bell 
  • Zoning out- 
  • Left to right panning 
  • Binocular sounds- 360 sound  
  • Jarring sounds 

Who have I contacted?

I have contacted the How to ADHD central  to see if they can recommend anyone. II have also contacted youtuber and influencer ,Autistic Tyla. I discovered Tyla on the How to ADHD channel, where she discussed being black and diagnosed with neurodevelopment autism and she was diagnosed as an adult

Possible commissioners:

Minds, Broccoli content, or podium and me. 

What’s next:

As of next week, I hope to develop my pitch to showcase to the commissioner .Most importantly, I want to receive confirmation from those I would like to participate in my audio project. I am also looking to contact a pod caster Ryan Nile, who was recently diagnosed with having dyspraxia and ADHD  last year . 

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