For my final audio project I’ve decided to do a straight documentary piece all about wedding musicians/DJ’s as this is something I’m quite familiar with and have a keen interest in and I also have some knowledge/contacts for this already.

My ideas is to look at what it’s like being a wedding musician or DJ, some of the key experiences people go through, the atmosphere and I’ll also be looking at a few companies who specialise in this. I’ll start by talking to the company I already know and work for called Piano DJ. They’re a company who employ some of the best wedding DJ’s, Sax players and pianists for Wedding’s across the UK and Europe. My plan is to look at the different musicians within the company and look at their experiences, how gigs differ and how working at a wedding as a musician or DJ is different to anything else.

I want to try and add some humour in where possible and not make it too serious, but I would also like to interview one of my bosses about how the company started and why they wanted to get into this part of the music industry etc.

To conclude I would like to then either compare it to a similar company  based elsewhere in the uk or just a straight voiceover at the end to state how this company and industry is only getting bigger and more exciting!

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