Originally, I had planned to create a single long form piece documenting the history of a video game company. However, due to my belief that a single long form piece of this description would have dragged out the idea too long, I pivoted into doing a set of shorter forms, covering three companies instead.

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Production Process
Firstly, I will research the history of the companies I am covering (Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft) and then I will script out the voice portion of the project as this will form the larger part of the content. Afterwards, I will find appropriate colour audio to give a better feeling to the piece. after this, I will get my contributors to send their audio, and then edit the entire piece together.

The first thing I chose to do was to find a comissioner. I present a video game radio show on a station called River Radio, and thus chose to contact them about comissioning me. My previous connection to them, as well as their varied content and status as a new station made them a good choice to approach about commissioning me.

Further, I begun my research, mostly focusing on Sony thus far and have put some thought and research time into picking colour audio, such as using Nintendo’s famous video game series (Pokemon, Mario) to colour the Nintendo portion., I have also approached the two contributors I had in mind about recording, which they seemed agreeable to.

To do
I need to complete my set of scripts, as well as finish obtaining colour audio, and decide how best to integrate it into the various recordings. I also need to get my contributors to sign consent forms and to set up time and dates for recording.

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