My final audio project will be taking a behind the scenes look at workers on the London Underground in a way that a lot of people may not know about; the London Underground Football League. I will planning to be following last season’s champions ‘Piccadilly FC’ as they look to retain their title, and how the football team has brought the workers together, in what is usually seeing as a difficult job working anti-social hours, as well as building up rivalries between other London Underground clubs.

Week 4 – Week 11
Research on the teams, Piccadilly FC’s remaining fixtures and research any YouTube footage of the London Underground Football League, as the competition is seen as a niche by non league and amateur football enthusiasts. I will also be taking my zoom microphone to record background footage and clips from players and management. I will be taking notes during the game for talking points that could be used during the audio piece.


My initial thoughts is that I am confident in weaving a story not just about how the team is continuing it’s journey during the league, but opening the stories up to the workers that play for these teams, and how the teams build rivalries against one another.

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