So far for my audio project, I have decided to produce a short horror story told through an audio drama (no longer than 15 minutes), in which listeners will be able to imagine the story through the effects of different sound locations, voices, and dark genre music.

Project short synopsis

A story about the horrific experience of two teenagers on Halloween night. Unfortunately, the young couple choose to go to a ‘haunted’ house in the outskirts of London where they will feel what true terror is, going through all stages of fear and panic. The end of this story is unexpected!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reference audio for influence

  1. VO production in horror audio dramas –
  2. Radio Drama – A Chilling Audio Fiction and Horror Stories –
  3. Shady Podcasts that can inspire me –
  4. Some dark melodies and sound effects – and

Production process

Firstly, I will write a script for my project, for which I have thought that in order to create the right scary atmosphere, I will need to find as many connection points as possible between dialogue and sounds in the most dramatic ways since it is a horror genre.

What has been achieved so far

Before starting to write the script, I decided to find a commissioner for my audio project. George Deloux will be my commissioner who is a professional voice actor and VO Producer and has an extensive experience doing a lot of character voices, narrations for TV, Radio commercials and more. Additionally, recent voiceover production works that he produced can be found in this link:

I also plan to include some gloomy music that could transmit the emotions I am trying to portray (terror, alarm, etc.) within the audio piece. In addition to, I have started researching sound effects via internet, as well as recording different location sounds that I might use.

Things to do

-Keep working with the script.

-Since I want to use voice actors for this piece, I have started looking for the right type of characters that could fit in with the script. To begin with, a narrator (who will be me in this case). Secondly, a young couple between 18- and 25-years old max, then I will add distorted voices of adults (in a horror style). Perhaps, I might include the parents of one of the young people of the couple as secondary characters, however, these secondary characters will not appear much. Perhaps at the end (this is not 100% sure, I will have to think about it).

-Get different sounds that I can use in my piece that could either be used as sounds to tell the story or as background noise.


Link for the picture:

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