Cancel Culture and Stand-up comedy

This audio piece will be constructed like in a documentary style. It will be presenter-led but also relying heavily on interviews with stand-up comics, focussing on their interpretations of cancel culture and whether or not it truly is a threat to their craft or a way of boosting one’s career. The beginning of the piece will focus on explaining what cancel culture actually is and using examples of things that have been used to take down the careers of creative individuals, this section will also explore where these people are now.

The rest of the piece will focus on stand up comedians who may be in fear of the current climate and asking whether it is dangerous to their line of work and if they feel it hampers their creativity, or whether these people should be held accountable for the things they say regardless of whether or not it is “Just a Joke”. These interviews will also be accompanied by atmos and location sounds from comedy clubs.

Grade One Band/Orchestra

This piece focuses on a statistic that 40% of adults who used to play a musical instrument when they were a child no longer play their instruments. the idea for this piece is to get together a group of musicians who started playing an instrument when they were young but never progressed much further than the first couple of grades and get them to take up their instrument again in preparation for a live performance.

The beginning of the piece will focus on auditioning the musicians and short interviews with those who get through about why they gave up their instrument.

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