For my Audio Project I have decided to head into the direction of an Audio Tour/Documentary. The piece itself is going to be about the endangered species of birds in the UK. From my research I have gathered some information which led to me the fact that at least 50% of different bird species have declined in the UK over the last 25 years. The piece itself will mix together as an audio tour and a documentary because of its tour which will allow the listener to take the journey where they can find the different endangered species and also listen in to the various facts that experts will provide about the decline of specific species.

So far my research consists of looking into the different species of birds which are really endangered and near to extinct. This project will pose a challenge in many ways, however acquiring these sounds will not be as difficult as it used to be. The experts have been found, the different organisations such as the RSPB, Woodland Trust and WWF have their own experts and press teams which can support the audocumentary (which is a name for this mixed piece I’ve randomly come up with). Some of the possible commissioners have been listed above. I will also research the book “Where to Watch Birds in Britain” by Simon Harrap.

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