As part of my individual project, we have to create an audio piece that has been commisioned by an organization or charity. Deciding on an idea has been hard and finding someone to commision it in some way even harder. At this point, I have two projects which are open and I will decide on which one to do by next week.

The first one is a commision in the style of a documentary for an online broadcasting site named Bigo, showcasing the talents and features used by the site. As the site is an online platform there are many people who use it all over the world, making it very interesting in regards to what you can hear. Currently, I have been in contact with a few of the top broadcasters on the site and they have agreed to allow me to record them and use the audio for my project to showcase them or use them as case studies.

my second idea was an audiobook style commision for a book named “The secret barrister”. depicting the life of a barrister and his inner thoughts on the job, including how to make decisions and how he feels about them. I thought this one could be interesting because it could add another layer of humanity to the book and bring the story to life a bit more, as it is based on real events. today I went to a courtroom and got permission to record some of the background sounds, to be able to bring the atmosphere to life more. the biggest problem I have with this particular project is the anonymity of the main people involved, in order to protect their identities they would have to stay anonymous, although I feel this could work in my favour to add an element of mystery.

I am in the process of deciding which project will be more interesting to produce. I am doing interviews with people for both of them this week and next week and will decide after the interviews have been conducted. I will also have to decide which style of the project will be more interesting.




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