Audio Drama (Geneva Leal)

Production Week 3   |   Recording practise session with D.I.G.B.Y members (all present)

In week 3, our team were scheduled at 11:15am to have a 30-minute studio test run session by picking out a difficult scene from our Lucy & I play script. Our producer, Beth and director, Iona suggested that we do near the ending and a few lines between the Mother and Molly.

During the studio session, I learnt that there are many ways to approach when producing audio drama. Actors should not just stand in front of the microphone. As a DMC student, it is a nice and innovative perspective between a television drama and an audio drama.

Also, I had a copy of the Lucy & I script to follow along the lines monitoring closely that the process flows along well. Also, contributed to the team by sharing my opinions back to Iona and Beth. However, I have learnt from Jeremy that as a production co-ordinator, I have to ensure that the voice recording are recorded because I did not get a chance to check it at the start.

After the session, we spent at least 3 hours as a team going over the edited script by our script editor and read through it again, so it is easier to plan the schedule calling times. Beth and Iona both suggested to work on internal and text messages part later, so we do other lines first. In here, we discussed what kind of sound effects we will use for different scenes and how actors should portray the characters whilst writing them down on the edited script.

I was able to work closely with Beth, our director, as we go line by line to ensure that I am writing down the important points in chronological order. I have been in contact with Fantastic 4 + 1 production co-ordinator, Zineb, discussing about certain events such as, getting in contact with the casting actors, travelling expenses, refreshments and so on.  Also kept in touch with the casting actors suggested from Jeremy. I was able to send the actors letter to all of their emails electronically; confirming their roles and scheduling times. Replied back emails for their enquiries as well.

Update (22/02/2018): Have sent the edited script from  Yeliz and the front page to all the casting actors in agreement to work with us. Although, we did not get any reply back from the actors who plays Lucy and Young man. I informed my group about the matter on our Whatsapp group and Beth informed me to get in touch with Jeremy. So I did, then managed to sort the problem out and sent to all 4 casts the script and front page by 21 February 2018.

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