Film Industry- All Things Film/ Ramsden Interview

24/11/16 Bethany Glover

Despite Film and TV courses at University growing rapidly in popularity many people still question whether it’s an industry worth getting into, with figures showing 34% of ex-film students working in Retail & Catering after graduating.

Bethany Glover speaks to Joe Ramsden, a graduate of the University of Greenwich, who now works fulltime at HunkyDory Films. He discusses how he stays creative in a fast paced and demanding industry, how Pixar’s ‘Up’ inspired him and shares his tips for people wishing to start a career within a creative based industry. Joe also discusses if having a degree gives you an advantage with getting ahead in the film industry.

In words: ‘Working in Film and overall the creative industry…’

Out words: ‘Until the day someone says no to you and even then, they’re wrong. Keep going.’

Dur: 3’ 25”

Back anno: A massive thank you to Joe Ramsden for talking to Bethany Glover about working within a creative industry.



University vs Apprenticeships

24/11/16 Bethany Glover

In light of the recent University vs Apprenticeships debate, two students from Berkshire discuss the advantages and disadvantages of continuing into higher education and obtaining a degree, or starting training for a job whilst acquiring nationally recognised qualifications. The debate was influenced by recent studies, showing an influx in students wishing to go to university and subsequent decline in those wanting to do an apprenticeship.

In words: ‘What do you think is better to do…’

Out words: ‘Whereas with an apprenticeship, once you’re there, you’re there.’

Dur: 2’ 21”

Back anno: Belle and Sasha there discussing the pros and cons of getting a degree or doing an apprenticeship.

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