Dyslexia is the most common specific learning difficulty in the UK. Many people who have it aren’t always aware they have it and are unable to achieve their full potential because it wasn’t picked up at an early stage of their life. Fay Cross discusses what it’s like for her growing up with dyslexia and how it impacts other through their life too.


IN: Hi, I’m Fay Cross…


OUT: …dyslexia isn’t the be all and end all, you can still go on to great things


DUR: 9:59



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Contextual Paragraphs

My interviewee consisted of: vox pops which were record in Leicester Square and Covent Garden; my mum which was recorded in my bedroom when she came down to visit; Owen Thomas who I found on a dyslexia forum and this was recorded in a coffee shop in Luton; Sarah Meridith who is the Area Manager for Dyslexia Action and this was record in office/classroom area before the parents came in; the parents were also recorded in the classroom/office which other parents around them; the meet up was record in a separate room that was very long which is why the sound was very off at that point.


As for my visuals, I took all the pictures myself on my own camera, some towards the end are off of my Facebook. The other visuals were all scanned into the computer, cropped and added.

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