What is Y2K Reloading? 

Y2K Reloaded is a station which celebrates pop culture and society from the Y2k era ( 1995-2005). This timeline was a significant year as it was the start of a new lifestyle, cultural shift and the start of the 21st century. As Y2K has been popularised  20 years later we wanted to reminisce and re-introduce the millennium to the ages 18-30-year-olds who are heavily influenced by this decade. This station will reflect back on fashion, music, entertainment and culture. 


Visual Branding and theme :  

For branding, it was important for me to have a visual representation of the Y2K era and understanding the station’s demographic. Whilst searching for visual reference was inspired by the youthful aesthetic of the Y2k era.  Futurism, preppy style- pinks, pastel colours, grunge and the Mc bling era/ Glitters. These styles defined pop culture.


Based on these themes I started to generate a theme for each week.



Fashion week- Pastel ( blue, pink and lilacs)  girly (Hot pink) and glitter. A representation of the Mc bling and preppy style of the Y2K.


Entertainment week- neon green, yellow and purple- unisex colour. A connotation of futurism and gaming( a subject entertainment week). 


Music Week- multicolour, holographic print, whites and green. I was inspired by the holographic design on CDs as they were a common musical device that was used in this era. I was also inspired by the futuristic theme of the millennium displayed in pop culture. Multi Colours also could be constituted for the diversity of music that took place between 1995 and 2005.  


Culture Week- Red, white and blue. Society will be centred around politics and major events that took place in society. I decided to use patriarchal colours to represent worldly events. The dark primary colours also represent the emo/grunge era of the Y2K. The metallic font also represents futurism and tech. 


Star prints for the overall week –  Is a connotation of youthfulness, pop icons. I also used multicolour stars to show how fun the station brand is. 

The font was inspired by the logo brand, Bratz. A product line  Which is common amongst the 18-30 year old demographic and is heavily influenced in style, popular and fashion today.  


Once I finalised each theme for each week, I produced designs to be used for each week. Pattern background for social media assets, social media prints, fonts for web and social banners. 


 Audio branding production: 

Audio branding will be edited and finalised this week. So far I have participated in creating scripts for the idents, which was sent off to voice over professionals today. The group decided they wanted Americanized accent. A Hollywood ( heartthrob), valley girl (preppy girl) accent for the theme of the jingles and ident. The reasoning for this decision was based on how influential Hollywood actors and valley girls were popular amongst Y2K youth in film, music and tv. 



                                                                  THE Y2K TIME  PODCAST- (production): 

I will be co-hosting a  podcast with Paola, entitled  “The Y2K Time Machine”, a segment of Y2K Reloaded. Paola and I came up with the name, which aligns with the whole theme of going back in time to the millennium. For each week we have decided to incorporate a recurring expert, a TickTock called Retro Avocado. whose content is centered around nostalgia. 

So far I have created a script for the opening segment of the show for music and society, including two introductory packages for entertainment and a fashion week podcast. A showreel to represent the theme for the week. 



We have scheduled to do a meeting with Retro Avocado for tomorrow (16/02/21). Once the interview is done we will piece everything together. 


The final week of production ( week 4 ). 

  • Recording with Janine 
  • Finalising Introductory package 
  • Editing podcast
  • Tidying up visual branding
  • Interviewing Janine
  • Finalise and editing Idents 


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