week 5:


So far I have finalized my visual branding for the week. I selected colors that match the theme for each week, which I found relatively easy to create I used references from pop culture of the Y2K era. Such as girl, futurisms, punk/ emo and political. My next task was to see if I could apply Y2K  popular culture to audio branding. 


                                                                   Audio branding 


(You can listen out for the idents on our station).


I sourced my sounds from FreeSounds, Mix kit, YouTube packages that are free to the royalty-free/ free to the public domain. I created a total of 40 voices. 


Overall station:

The group decided that they wanted a male voice to even out the station’s brand as the presenters are predominately female. However, the voice of the male actor worked as in the 2000s the Americanised /Hollywood, heartthrob was popularised in media. So we hired an actor whose voice resembled those characteristics. 


The audio branding was crucial for me to get right I need to fit the theme of Y2K. For the overall station brand. I wanted to create a theme that reflected futurism and the Y2K bug. I sourced transitional and mechanical sounds that reminded me of robots and computer crashes/glitches. For the choice of music l selected techno/ electronic for the station sound. This genre of music works with the theme of futurism in the millennium techno music was very popular in clubs between the mid-90s and 2000s.


Y2K Reloaded jingle:

 I also included the voice of a female for our main Ident pronouncing the pronouncing Y2K. The voice of the female; characterized as high-fashioned, young adults and ‘cool’ from this era. I believe the voice of the female works as our demographic is between ages 18-30 and take inspiration from teens and young adults of this era. 


I created a short version for the ident it had to resemble the main ident. To achieve this I included a mechanical glitch featured in the main ident. 


The slogan for the week: 


For the pilot show, we will be celebrating fashion week. I chose sounds elements that represented Y2K glam. I decided I wanted the sound of glitter and camera snaps. 


Social announcements:


In the ident script, the team and I made sure that we promote the Y2K Reloaded live on air. I included transitional sfx that featured on the other idents. 


Y2K Chatz 


For Y2K Chatz included the same music that features on the station’s ident. I think this works as it is apart of the show’s opening. I also included the sounds of a valley girl accent having a conversation on the phone (the sound of a Nokia ringtone). The valley girl was also popular during Y2K. 


For the top 5 segments, I made sure that the Ident was impactful, so I included mechanical stomping sounds.




The 5V5 is our station’s closing show. It was important to make it dramatic as the show is a verse of battle. I include pump hyperactive sweepers, a boxing bell that was symbolic of the verse off. I included a sample of Christina Aguilera- dirty (released 2002) and is an anthem that works for the competitive spirit. This also works as the theme for the week is Britney vs Christina. 

I also wanted the short ident to stay on-brand for this segment of the station.   


                                                                 Podcast production. 


The Y2K time Machine- ident

I wanted to included the sound of a time machine and like the other ident I needed to include the sounds of mechanical robotic SFX. The sound effect for the segment of this show was easy to create. In the ident, I included a male voice which reminded me of the sci-fi character who was meant to be part of the time machine’ I wanted to remind people that the Y2K era is a reflection of the years 1995 to  2000s. The years are mentioned by the voice of the sci-fiction character.  

We recorded our interview with our Y2K expert Janine, who is a recurring guest for our podcast. Each interview for each show was really interesting and insightful. Poala and I structured the show with a menu of what was happening in the show and end the recording with win and sin, a segment of the show that was conversational. To make sure the show was not lost we referenced Janine’s points in Win and Sin. 


                                 What’s next….

  • Recording the Y2K reloaded the website promotion to fit into next week’s shows. 
  • Recording elements of The Y2K Chatz podcast 
  •  creating more idents that might get featured in our shows for next week 
  • Make sure that the podcast is 30 minutes- by including vox pox in the show.
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