Food bank interview 

24/11/16 Harriet Cope

Tsara a current volunteer at Harrow food bank tells her story about how she is now giving back the help that someone once gave her family, the struggles of being below the poverty and how she overcame this at such a young age. With over a third of the UK population falling below the poverty line at least once, Tsara explains how this issue is still relevant and closer to home than what you may originally think.

In words: ” People in Britain”

Out words: ” As long as you have a good support system”

Duration: 2’56’

Back announcement: Harriet Cope there speaking to a a volunteer at Harrow food bank, who had previously experienced high levels of poverty.


Duke Street tattoo conversation

24/11/16 Harriet Cope

In the heart of Essex, Duke Street tattoo artists Nick Lattimer and Dan Moreno, exclusively reveal their tattoo nightmares. Reminiscing on the worst and most memorable customers that have walked through those very doors.

In words: “So tell me your story”

Out words: “It’s crazy”

Duration: 1’58’

Back announcement: Nick Lattimer and Dan Moreno there giving an insight on the craziest and most memorable customers of their tattoo career.

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