Kira Weller wants the education system to include sign language into the national curriculum across England.


(Above: Sixteen year old, Kira Weller from North Harrow.)

Sixteen year old Kira Weller, from North Harrow is a young carer. She spends her time balancing revision for her upcoming GCSE’s this summer, with helping her deaf mother with daily tasks. Her mother Barbara Weller, 46, was born deaf and has suffered with the hidden disability all of her life. Ms Weller is aided by the use of sign language, which helps her communicate with daughter, son and family members.

Kira explains how Harrow council has never include sign language studying support, for herself or brother throughout their education. Meaning Ms Weller’s family has had to use the internet to learn how to communicate in sign language. Kira and her family have also turned to the BSL for online help. The British Sign Language association was officially recognised a minority language by Government in 2003. The BSL offer online support, help and courses for people to gain sign language certificates and qualifications.

(CLICK BELOW: Kira Weller explains the daily tasks she has to do, in order to assist her deaf mother.)

The local council have also never supported Kira as a young carer and extra funding has never been provided for her hard- of -hearing mother, in order to receive the additional help she would need on a daily bases.

Sign language is currently not compulsory in the educational system in England. This is something Kira and her whole family are positive to change as, they feel it would benefit all citizens who suffer from the hidden disability. The sixteen year old personally found it easier to learn sign language under the age of ten as she felt this was at this age, she was the most absorbent to new languages. As she uses sign language in her everyday life, it’s something that she hasn’t forgotten and is grateful that her online recourse were made available to her.


(Above: Kira Weller shows off some of the ‘sign language’ alphabet.)

Kira says “If every child aged between 5 and 18 in England , had access to a free one hour sign lesson a week. I feel they would add so much more to society and would benefit from knowing a unique language”.

She added “if local councils could find the funds, or campaign to hire volunteers to teach children sign language, then this would benefit children in later life.  If schools could incorporate sign language lessons into PSHE then it would be a good place to start.”

(CLICK ABOVE: Harrow teenager voices her opinion.)

Kira Weller is to start a online campaign by the middle of April 2017 to try and get Government talking about the lack of sign language within schools.

More information about the support offered from the:  BSL

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