Hollyxia Koffi


Week 2 (31/01/2020)

We were put into a separate group and allocated roles. My role is production coordinator.  Scripts were distributed and we had our first read through all the scripts. Initially, my group was interested in 2 scripts, which were Paul and Angel Fish. However, we collectively agreed on Angel Fish as we believe it will not only challenge us but push us to do our best. Plus, the storyline was the most interesting.

Makee assigned the group to all re-read through the script and think and take notes about what types of sounds and atmos we could start recording ahead of the drama recording day.


Week 5 (21/02/20) 

On Friday we met an experienced/professional post editor, called John Wakefield. He taught us about compression and editing processes, which was interesting as I have no experience in audio drama, so I learned something in post-production. 

Afterward, I, Makee and Stephen categorised each scene into groups of similar environments; for example, the Christmas party scene and the bar scene both occur in location the is busy and loud, so we decide the atmosphere sound will be set and recorded in a local pub for those scenes, This was helpful as we assess which scene is the most important meaning we had more to do and which we didn’t.

Week 6 (28/02/20)

This week we spoke upon the essay assignment and the things required to do before answering the questions, such as; research and listing to a few audio drama recordings. In terms of recording Angelfish, besides talking and worrying about how we were going to record in just a few hours, we also focus on the environment sounds on each scene. After this meeting, it finally hit me how each atmosphere and environmental sound is extremely important as it has to help paint a picture on the scene so the listener can visually see what’s happing in the scene.

Week 7  (06/03/20)

This week was the pre-production week, unfortunately, due to external issues missed the meeting. However, I was able to have a one to one meeting with Makee where we discussed how during the production we were going to split the scene into groups with similar environmental sound and sound effects as the would make things easier. Furthermore, we discussed my role as a production coordinator, and as I was quite worried since I had never been apart of audio drama production. Makee made me realised that there was nothing to worry about and that I should just go with the flow on the production. To be honest that was great advice.

Week 8 (13/03/20)  

The production day, we a success. We were able to record every scene in which I was surprised as we struggled on time management. We provided snacks and water for the actors and made them feel comfortable and at ease. As we organised which scene was more important to the scenes we were going to record  first to the one that was least challenging and quite simple.

During the recording advice the director on some scene to improve on, noted my opinions on each scene as well as the name of the recording to make it easier when recording. In addition, I also helped out in terms of the acting for one of the scenes as that particular scene need is the character need to need to be a new voice, not one heard in the previous scenes.

From the recording, I learned it is very important for the director to be organised in terms of how each scene should be recorded. Also, time management is crucial and it is very important to not allow the actor to be too comfortable, or sit around most of the time as they get distracted easily. Most importantly, I learned about the significance of how the actor stands or position themselves in front of the mic as it affects the whole recording in terms of the emphasis of each scene.

Week 9 (20/03/20)

Unfortunately, due to the epidemic health crisis that we are currently facing we have resulted in the government advising people to stay in their homes; we have been struggling to meet up to edit our recordings. As a result, we have had to do things separately for instance Stephan has edited all the best scenes together as has saved in our group drive. Makee, set all of us jobs to do this week so we could get things done to hand in our assignment. 

Week 10 (27/03/20)

The final week before we handed in our work, Makee gave us all jobs to do before the due date. My job was to fill out all the forms including Presentation details, and Music reporting forms. As Stephan had already done the program description document we decided you use his input on the program description as well as presentation details.

Overall,  I enjoyed this experience. I had never done audio drama before and at the end of this the journey I learn a lot of things including editing, what to do during a production set, how to record, how to fill out the audio drama program description forms, detailed presentation forms, and music report form. I was grateful enough to have a friendly team who were understanding of my lack of audio drama knowledge. This has been a very educational experience and  I would do it again.


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