We know by now of the many benefits of reading, for our children.. But as headline after headline on revolutionary children’s books, reaches us, we ask what are our young ones actually reading today?

The concept of what it means to be a child has changed over the years; once deemed an extra breadwinner for the family, nowadays a young child, and their innocence, is fiercely protected by our society. So is this reflected in our books?

Experts have noted changes in young literature, towards active thinking and moral lessons in bullying and self-confidence.

Ginny May went to a bookshop and the Museum of Childhood, to find out more.



Cue:We know it’s important that our children should read, but what exactly are they reading? Radio 4 takes a look at how children’s books have changed and what our kid’s are reading today.

In: “Chapter One, down the rabbit…”

Out: “…all lived happily ever after.”

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