(2) what you learned from your work placement and what you learned from working with an external commissioner for Individual Audio Project

I have learned from both work and the Individual Audio Project that communication is really important. I have also learn a few things.

Learning to ask for advice

The first thing I learn was to ask people for advice. I learn more by asking people than by figuring out what to do on my own, and I learn that I could do my job as quickly as possible.

Learning to work

I think the most important thing I have learn since I started working is to take the initiative. I think a lot of job opportunities are embedded in initiative, because if you don’t take the initiative to fight for them, people may not think of you, so you must take the initiative.

Learning to learn

Apart from learning at school, you also need to keep learning in society. Learning to improve your professional skills will help you stay in the workplace for a longer period of time, and is also a weight for promotion.

Learn to relax

Learn to relax in life. The speed at which you deal with your emotions is the speed at which you move towards success.

Learn to balance

Learn to balance work and life, work hard, enjoy life, arrange your time wisely and live a colourful life every day.

Learn to get along

It is also very important to get along with your colleagues in the workplace, to put yourself in the right position and be approachable, this will also help to integrate quickly into the team. I think it was only after I went to work that I understood communication, because when I was studying it was that they had standards and how many marks you got in exams was how many marks you got. When I was at work I felt that if I didn’t communicate it would be easy to be misunderstood, not only by my colleagues or boss, but it would make things more tiring.

I think what I learned at work is to accept regrets because when you are a student there are 100 marks and you are allowed to be a perfect student, but after work I know you will have regrets even if you try harder. You have to learn to accept that the process is more important than the outcome.

When we were at school, we were not able to get great grades for our 1st and 2nd place, so maybe a good student is not necessarily a good workplace person. It’s not the same as being a student. A student may be able to satisfy the teacher that I’ve worked hard and I’ve taken it seriously, but in the workplace you’re trying to complete a project, you have to be really helpful, and for the person concerned, you see that the thing is going to be useful.

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