Individual Audio Project- An Inspector Calls

My IAP is a dramatized audio book, for educational purposes. I wanted to help students with their studies as I believe it is hard to memorize quotes and characters from books for exams, and it has been proven that listening to an audio book along with reading the book at the same time helps you store this information productively.

So, I have decided to dramatize a GCSE and a A-Level text for Lydiard Park Academy’s English department. They have confirmed that they will commission this work but I’m still in waiting for the confirmation email.

Attached to this blog post is the first five minutes of An Inspector Calls as well as an introduction to the book and what will be happening after the piece of text has been played to a class.

I’m also planning to do Othello as the second dramatize book, but I haven’t yet started looking into what scene I want to do yet as I planned to finish An Inspector Calls first.

What I plan to do next-

  • Remove some of the music bed so that it isn’t played all the way through
  • Add sound effects throughout the whole scene, so that it is dramatized
  • Work on questions that while be asked after the first book is finished for students to answer so they get a better understanding of the text
  • Introduce the second book (Othello)
  • Look into Othello and find what scene I want to do, and record the voices and sound effect
  • Edit together the introduction to the dramatized audio book of Othello and edit together the Othello book itself
  • Combined both books together so that the piece is 12-15 minutes long
  • Finally, make sure it flows together well and sounds professional

(For some reason the audio doesnt start till 14 seconds in, But I will make sure this is changed for the final piece)

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