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My idea is to create a dramatized audio book with the target audience being KS3/KS4 and KS5 students. I’m planning to create three 5 minute dramatized audio segments from the chosen texts that are listed for the schools.

The reason I chose this idea is because I believe GCSE is a tough time for students, and remembering quotes from their academic reading books, along with the other 14 subjects they need to revise for is very difficult. Creating a short audio segments from each Key stage year band of books and turning them into a dramatized piece of work. This will help the students and allows them to memorize the quotes that they need, as well as making it interesting, immersive, imaginative and creative. Information retention is proven to show that you can take in information from listening to an audio book. This shows that not only is this helping the students, but making it slightly easier for them, as listening to audio books allows you to understand books that are above your reading level.

I will be making this individual audio project for schools and showing that not only will I cover a certain book but all the key stages for the school, so that they can use them for every year to help them out.

I have been commissioned by the English department of Lydiard Park Academy to produce and create these audio books.

The books that I will be studying and turning into audio books will be, KS3- Frankenstein (the modern adaptation by Philip Pullman), KS4- An Inspector Calls and KS5- Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams.

I will be taking a different spin on the books and changing them slightly, keeping the text the same but changing the style of how it is read and spoken along with different sounds. I believe this will allow the students to understand more and remember certain quotes from the books in which they can use in their exams.

Some inspiration I took was from other dramatized audio books such as David Walliams, the world’s worst children. I am going to take some ideas from this book and the way it has been converted into an audio book. For example, the exaggeration of the speech along with sound effects, from what is happening in the scene. There are some things I would change, such as having more sound effects and having different actors speaking the different characters rather than one person putting on different voices.


What needs to be done-

-Get commissioned- and discuss ideas in full with Lydiard Park Academy and come to an agreement on what I want to do and what they also want me to do.

-Choose the segment from each chosen text that will be dramatized.

-Find sound effects that fit in with each segment of the text that can be used.

-Go through each line of the text and understand the meaning and how I want them to be spoken by the actors.

-Find the voices for the audio project and record a short segment from each book.

-Edit together a small section of each book and listen and show Lydiard Park Academy and see if they are happy with the way I am going with the chosen books.

-If all is good, and if there are changes to be made, I will do so depending on the outcome of the first trail run of the books, then record the whole segment with the actors.

-Edit it all together and for it to be 100% complete by the 10th December.

By Willaim Hambidge- w1598680

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