Individual Audio Project

My first idea for this audio project was to base it around the new up and coming surgery, Brazilian bum lifts, and the risk that they carry. 1 in 2,800 people that have had this surgery have suffered with a fatality, which is more than those with open heart surgery. This shocking statistic made me want to investigate this topic further. However, since the surgeries still isn’t a very common procedure in the UK, I concluded that it would be difficult to find enough speakers to fill fifteen minutes of audio. Therefore, I’ve decided to broaden the subject by generalising the topic to other types of cosmetic surgery that have gone wrong.

The main reason for this change was because I figured it would be easier to find more potential participants and it would create a more interesting narrative as it would feature a range of stories and experiences. The audio will be broken in three five-minute sections, one of the sections will include a local charity that supports patients and provides legal advice. The other two sections will include two patients that have experienced cosmetic surgery that has gone wrong. To make this an engaging experience, this audio documentary will also feature sound effects of cosmetic surgery and background music that fits the tone of the programme.

My aim is to get this documentary piece commissioned by a local charity that help supports people that have been affected by this problem; this week I have contacted The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) to ask if they are willing to allow me to commission this documentary still piece and asked to interview a member of there team.

Going forward this week I have set myself a few tasks, to ensure that I make progress this week, these tasks include:

  • Using social media to find people that have had a bad experience with cosmetic surgery and are willing to openly talk about it in an interview
  • Gather sound effects that could be useful to help paint a picture to the audience
  • Listen to documentaries that have a similar narrative and agenda, which may provide some inspiration for my audio piece.
  • Contact other relevant company/ charities that may be interested in commissioning this piece, as a backup in case The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) decline my commission.

The demographic audience for this audio documentary would be young girls, or anyone that is having thoughts about cosmetic surgery, to educate them about the risks that big cosmetic surgery’s may carry. The narrative will also be lead by me, in order to clearly introduce my quests appropriately at the begging of each five-minute segment.

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