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where you hope to go next, what sort of career you are aiming for, drawing on your work experience and Individual Audio Project, and FIVE practical steps which you will follow to help you on the next phase, post-graduation.

To be honest,At the moment, I don’t have a clear plan for my future career, but I am inclined to develop myself in the television industry. First of all, I must have watched a lot of TV shows, because then I can think about my own experience when I work. Then I had to learn more from other experienced people and ask them for advice. In my previous job, I did not do well in the tasks assigned by the leader on time and would procrastinate. I will definitely pay attention to it in my future work. At the same time, communication is the most important, and effective communication with colleagues or leaders can solve many problems.

At this stage, I have formulated my own career plan, but at this stage, I am not very mature in my thinking, so I may have to make certain changes in my career choice, career path and life goals.

I can do my first career design here, so that I have a further understanding of myself, my own goals have been further clarified, my own learning motivation has been further improved, set up their own life goals and career goals, so that their own learning has a goal and target, full of confidence in their own future, believe that they will be able to take the success, but also make their own dare to Facing setbacks and difficulties in my own life and trying to bring out my own potential, this allowed me to know my own limitations and weaknesses, accept reality and face it bravely, which also began to allow me to build a positive mindset and learn how to adjust my own mentality. myself to be able to adapt better to society in future. Facing competition.

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