Title: For The Love Of Herbs

Producer: Phoebe Hutchings

Presenter: Phoebe Hutchings

Submission Date: 10/12/18

Short Synopsis:

This piece talks to a handful of members and participants from Hackney Herbal to discuss their personal connection to herbs and what makes them love herbs so much.

Long Synopsis:

The use of herbs dates back to the first ancient civilizations. Herbs have been part of human life for centuries but we don’t often talk about them and show much appreciation for them. Throughout the piece, there will be short snippets of interviews from different women and men that have their own experiences to share. I spoke to Herbalist and Hackney Herbal volunteer Maya and Amy and Hackney Herbal Videographer Alice. And I also some to hackney herbal participants Hanan, Lucy, Zoe and Jen and Beecholme community garden volunteer Raul, all with varied experiences with herbs. The stories will revolve around culinary uses, home memories, therapeutic uses, and medicinal uses.

This piece has been designed in conjunction with Hackney Herbal to be an audio piece designed to be presented to the workshop participants and volunteers as a celebration of everyone’s use of herbs and as a thank you for being part of Hackney Herbal.

This pre-recorded piece is formed of a mixture of interviews that have been chopped and re-ordered, sound effects and music to create a multi-layered piece of audio. Links in between each change in subject are included with some montage at the beginning. The piece will have elements of the style of a gardening podcast, with a calming feel to it and is illustrated with sound effects to fit the audio that creates a picture of what is being told to the audience. It should also have an informal and ‘laid back’ feel through-out. Nat the founder of Hackney Herbal will introduce the audio, which will then be followed by a short link into the first topic. This then will lead into a montage of short clips of the interviews discussing each person use of culinary herbs linking to home memories this will then move to herbal teas, then to therapeutic uses and finally some experiences with medical uses.

Commissioner: Hackney Herbal is a Herbal education company that’s “aim is to show people how to incorporate herbs into their lifestyles, for health and to improved wellbeing.”

Commutation Letter:


We all like to use herbs when we are cooking but how much do we really know about them and where they come from? Hackney Herbal’s aims to educate and show people how to integrate herbs into everyday life. During free community activities in Hackney, the Herb map is brought for people to be able share herbal their personal stories of herbs. This collection of tales from around the world will turn into a herbal discussion Based on the “Herb Map” to celebrate and learn.

Duration: 15’00

IN: “Here at Hackney Herbal…….”

OUT: “….All things to do with Herbs”






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