You’d think that being given a project where you can, in essence, create anything you like would be an absolute dream! But no, I’m drowning in ideas, concepts and thoughts on how to execute them.


Before I even think about what creative path I must take, I must decide on the subject matter and tone of the piece. Am I picking something because of a personal, possible biased interest in it, or because there is something of genuine interest in it? The audio piece has to be 15 minutes long, is there enough content to create 15 minutes of interesting and provoking content, that can also allow creativity and help drive the narrative.


I knew immediately that I would be creating a non-fictional piece, possibly documentary, as my favourite podcasts are of this genre, Shows such as This American Life; and its spin offs, Serial and S-Town. Reply All, RadioLab and 99 Percent Invisible, to name but a few. But they are all investigative journalism, that are enriched with rich audio production that transform the listener into the story.



In the age of #MeToo, Operation Yewtree, historic sex crimes, catholic church, and other prolific cases that have made headline global news of the years, what are other organisations doing to ensure that this historic sex crimes stay just that, historic.


Are victims being listened to and supported by the organisations after the accusations are made, what steps are they taking to ensure it can’t happen again? Review of practices maybe? Have they stuck to their word?


My interest is because when I was 15 years old I ended up in a psychological, emotional and sexually controlling relationship with a 21-year-old Beaver Leader within my group. Despite raising my concerns to leaders, I was ignored and my concerns and fears ignored as the leader moved onto other vulnerable young girls within the district. After 3 years of fighting a scout leader joined our group and listened and believed us, and helped us through the police and court proceedings, to secure a conviction against him. In that time, I met with The Scout Association to provide evidence into their current safeguarding procedures had failed, and how to improve them further. This year marks ten years since he was sentenced. In those 10 years, what has changed.

Potential Interviews. (Until confirmed, for privacy, will keeps names removed from blog post, and confirm and verify with AL privately)


The Scout Leader that supported us,


I plan to speak with domestic abuse charities/ The Truth Project for stats and figures relating to sexual abuse.


The other victims of my abuser


Friends through the period of abuse.


Books such as Beyond Belief (Colm O’Gorman) and Everyone Knew (Michael Clemenger) which speak about the struggle and the dark place, but fighting it and getting justice, are books that really resonate with me, so being able to tell an emotional, yet empowering and informative story where good conquers evil, I guess we all want to be superheroes don’t we?


I am under no illusion that this will be challenging for me, but it is an important issue that needs to be raised and spoken about. I Expect The Scout Association to be tricky to get in touch with, but I understand why they may not be willing to comment.

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