The Pleasure Gap – Rough cut – Holly Palmer


Audio contains the following contributors:

Grace Campell – Feminist comedian, writer & activist from London. Co-founder of ‘The Pink Protest’

Honey Ross – Producer, writer, activist, Co-founder of the pink protest

Dr Karen Gurney – TV Doctor/ A clinical psychologist and phsyco- sexoligist

(Natalie Byrne – Illustrator is also a contributor but her audio doesn’t yet feature in rough cut audio)


The Pleasure Gap – working script intro 


VO: Intro – 13 secs (to beat drop)

Wanking, pleasure cruising, treating yourself, flying solo… whatever you wanna call it… we all masturbate! And for Grace Campbell, she’ll never forget her first time, as she published her memoirs in the Sunday times best selling book, feminist don’t wear pink!   


A CLIP: Grace essay clip ‘i’ll never forget..’ – 38 secs


VO: Not only is Grace a 24 year old comedian, writer & activist from London. But she is a co-founder of ‘The Pink Protest’. A community for female activism. I thought this would be the best places to start my pleasure gap journey,  as i learn more about how … – 15 sec


A CLIP: Grace essay clip picks up and continues ‘…patriarchy is attempting…’ – 14 secs


SFX: Transition into next


Rough Running order / template


(Continued from above draft script)


A CLIPS: Grace Campell  talks about wanking from a young age / her own experience

Honey Ross clip about wanking from a young age / how she felt bad (we’re hear more from Honey in a little bit)


VO: Wanking isn’t spoken about enough / my own experience / why i’m making this doc – because society teaches girls that wanking is wrong


CLIP: vox pop of women talking about when they first started wanking 


VO/ ACLIPS: Why women wank/ what is masturbation with Dr Karen Gurney /


AUDIO: montage of female masturbation clips from movies / masturbation throughout history / how its perceived in media


A CLIP: Dr karen – where the idea of female masturbation stemmed from ??


VO / A CLIP: The masturbation wave – feminism / Grace speaks about the wave of masturbation throughout feminism / why we have a pleasure gap between men and women, when it comes to talking about masturbation


VO/ A CLIPS: #girls wank to movement – Interview with Honey Ross / what the pink protest is and how it is an example of how social media is being used to celebrate female masturbation. (explanation of what hashtag girls wank too is!)


A CLIP (How wanking changed my life / Comedian Karen Hobbs speaks about how masturbation made her feel normal again after beating cervical cancer) INTERVIEW STILL TBC


VO: How stigmas can be changed?

A CLIP: Is education key to changing these stigmas – cut back to interview with Dr Karen Gurney – she is big with educating her Instagram audience


  • Clips from Honey, Grace, Natalie / there opinions on how stigmas could be changed


A CLIP: Interview with illustrator Natalie Byrne – how her illustrations are creating conversation online and bringing women together and talking about masturbation.   



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