My Final Audio Project is coming together after getting over some complications and waiting to hear back from some of the companies press departments. I have now sourced a lead voice for the piece with Ed Bowsher.

I have an interview with Intrim (debt collection company) completed with Lietta Pennucci – Customer Operations Manager with the interview you can hear below

I am still playing with the Idea of adding a music bed under this. I feel that Hip hop beats suit it here is an example of a bed that I would use:

I have my interview with StepChange Debt Charity on Friday with Grace Brownfield, this interview will look at the role debt charities like StepChange deal with people looking for help with debt.

When we record Ed’s pieces we will be talking to Sarah Coles –  Personal Finance Analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown. With Sarah, we will be looking at events which entice people to spend their money.

Finally, We will be adding the Case Study for which StepChange are hoping to provide, I have also asked and Intrim if they have any case studies that can contribute.


The Feature is going to look at Debt and look at how easy it is for people to get into debt, the implications on what happens if you can’t repay the debt, the charities that can help and the role the debt collection companies play when collecting a debt. All of which will be linked by a case study.

To add extra elements there are vox’s of people answering key questions on debt.

What is Debt Vox:

What is a Default Vox:

What is a Credit File Vox:

What are the Implications of a defaulted Debt Vox:

until all my interviews are done and Ed’s part is recorded I can’t a proper rough cut but I hope this helps.

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