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Is single parenting becoming the norm? With a 500% rise over 10 years its becoming a common thing but is society accepting it? Single parents get into this situation in many ways, whether its incompatibility within the relationship, death of a parent/partner or domestic violence.  Iona Hammond talks to 2 single parents from different generations and a son of a single mother, to discuss their views on the matter and how they’ve overcome it.


In:I had my first child when I was….

Out….Different types of families.



Being a single parent has so many stigmas attached that people don’t know what to think. I wanted to get the general idea of what it is like to bring up a child/children by yourself or be raised by a single parent. I want to know what their life was like, what they had to overcome and what help they got back from anyone, form family to the government. As I was raised by a  single parent I believe that it doesn’t affect your upbringing but I am interested to know what other people in my position feel like, Not just the children but the parents to. I also want to know how they it affected their child if they’re the single mum or the parent if they were raised by a single parent.

Single parenting is becoming a common thing, it’s more normal to see a child be taken to school by one parent than it is 10 years ago. Along side the growth of gay marriages or IVF families single parenting isn’t a negative/different thing, families are created in weird and wonderful ways.


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