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Blog post 1: 10/10/17


For my Audio piece I have decided to produce an audio walk for the charity Dogs Trust, I looked into the charity and whether they had produced any media or audio and they hadn’t. I thought about doing a promotion/awareness audio piece but I wanted it to be heart-warming and happy. So I thought of the idea of doing an audio walk to accompany the potential dog adopters on their way around the centre to make there adopting process a more colourful and enjoyable experience.

The audio piece will include 2-3 episodes, the first will be an introduction and what to expect from the upcoming episodes. I will be present in the audio as a guide and to give the piece direction. The on going episodes will include background and stories on the dogs as you walk around the centre for example.

I will get actors or voice over artists to voice the dogs and they will tell their stories, Interests or something that they have achieved. E.g

“Hi, I’m rex and I’m an ex-police dog, I love playing fetch and playing with my friends. I’ve been here for 6 months now and I meet loads of new friends. But what I would love most of all is to make a new best friend. A best friend that I would wake up with and go to bed with. A best friend that I could play with and go on adventures with. Wouldn’t that be great?”

I would like the episodes to bring an insight into the dog’s life and give them a bit more information in a light-hearted and warm way. I want to have a mixture of emotion from the dog stories bringing humour and happiness but then also make the listener realise what the dogs have been through, but learning this through an easy listening platform.

Next, I will reach out to the charity and get the idea of the layout of the centre so I can decide how I am going to structure the path of getting around the centre to make sure it flows and will accompany the path you will take.

I will then decide how I will approach the introduction and who will voice and what I will include in it.

Blog post 2 – 24/10/17

This week I have been watching and listening adverts and interviews with dog’s trust, RSPCA, Battersea cats and dogs shelter and other animal charities and shelters to get a better idea of how they are structured and produced a few of the main adverts that I liked was when the animals had voices and could show how they were feeling, for example.

These advert/ promotion videos give the animals a voice and therefore a character to play rather than just another animal. I want to give the animals back stories, personalities and a description to who and what they are and all this information will come to you whilst you are looking at them when touring the centre.

This week I visited the dogs trust centre to get an idea of what the layout of the centre was like, through this I learnt that I couldn’t use the dogs trust as the company to do it for as I am unable to get a commission through them. So I decided to pitch my idea to a 7Digital (A Production house) they commissioned the idea and are going to get into contact with the dog’s trust as they have previously worked with them so we can still use their name and can still be used by them.

Whilst at the dog’s trust centre I got more ideas from the information displayed on the cages of the dogs and in the reception.

I have decided to do a three-part podcast; two episodes will be two audio dramas. The first one a kid’s audio-book on explaining the importance of adopting animals and welcoming people and not judging a book by its cover. The second an adult audio drama to explain the life that abandoned,lost and unfortunate dogs live.


This week I have created the kids audio drama script and contacting drama schools and the drama society to voice it.


Don’t judge a book by its cover.

SFX: Dogs playing, Sunny noise.

Narrator: One sunny afternoon down at the dog park, Milly, snoop and dasher were all playing hide and seek.

Dasher counting down quietly behind them.

Snoop: Dasher will never find me here.

Milly: Oh Biscuits, where can I hide?

Dasher: Ready or not here I come.

Milly/Snoop: Giggles

Narrator: Dasher spots a tail waggling behind the tree.

Dasher: Easy! GOTCHA!

Duke: Hey, Who said that?

Dasher: You’re not Milly!

Duke: No I’m Duke, who are you?

Dasher: I’m Dasher the king of the park! I’ve never seen you before! Are you a stray?! You’re not allowed here! You must leave! I’m telling!

Dog Barks to signal over the owners

Duke: No! I sit here everyday since my owner got me! I sit here so she can still see me.

Dasher: Why don’t you play with us? This is a play park! You’re mean!

Dasher runs away

Narrator: Duke was adopted from the RSPCA last month by his owner Karen, Duke is very scared to make friends with other dogs.

Milly: Snoop! Where’s dasher? He’s been gone for ages!

Snoop: YESSSS! We’re too good at the game! He can’t find us! Be quiet you’re giving us away.

Dasher: Guys! Guys!

Snoop: No he’s found us! Milly you’ve got to learn to be quiet. Did you hear us? She gave us away didn’t she!

Dasher: No I seen you ages ago! But listen, There’s a new dog over there! And he’s really mean!

Milly: Why dasher what has he done?

Snoop: Did he hurt you?

Dasher: No No, He thinks he’s too good to play with us! He just sits behind that tree and watches us.

Snoop: No, I’ve heard about him that’s duke! He’s weird! He was adopted from the RSPCA. No one likes him! We don’t want to play with him!

Milly: That’s mean Snoop! He can still be nice!

Snoop: No Milly! You know what they say about adopted dogs! They’re dirty! You don’t want to get dirty and have to get a bath do you…

Milly: No! I hate baths! You’re right let’s stay away from him!

Dasher: Yeah he’s mean!… Milly it’s your turn to find us now!

Milly Counts down

Snoop: Run quick, She’ll never find us! (Laugh)

Narrator: Duke watches the other dogs play hide and seek and starts to feel sad and lonely.

Duke: Sigh, I wish I could play with them! But I’m too scared to ask! They wont want to play with me!

Milly: Oh no!! wait guys I’ve lost my new collar! My owner just bought it yesterday! She’s going to be so mad.

Dasher: It’s ok Milly, we’ll help you find it

Narrator: Duke looks over to the dogs and wonders what is wrong.

Mumbled Chatter form the other dogs,

Milly: Oh I’m never going to find it!

Dasher: We will Milly, just you wait and see.

Narrator: Duke sits and thinks about going to help, Duke used to be a sniffer dog for the police and is very good at finding missing things.

Duke: I should go and help them, But I’m Scared they will tell me to go away.

Narrator: Duke Sits up and peaks around the corner to see where they are. He starts to walk towards them.

Duke: Ohhhh I don’t know.

Narrator: Dasher, Milly and snoop notice duke coming towards them.

Snoop: Oh what does he want? I can smell him already! Haha

Milly: Oh snoop stop it! Maybe he’s coming to help?

Narrator: Duke arrives.

Duke: Hi guys, I notice that you’ve lost something?

Snoop: We don’t need your help!

Dasher: Why would you want to help us? You don’t even want to play with us!

Milly: Leave him alone! That’s very nice of you duke. Yes, I’ve lost my new collar and my owner only bought it for me yesterday. (Sad)

Duke: Well yes, I can help if you want. What does it look like?

Milly: Its pink and sparkly, Its so nice. I miss it, I really really miss it.

Duke: Well I used to be a sniffer dog with my friends at the police and we would always have to go and look for things that people had lost, it’s really fun.

Milly: WOW, That’s amazing, that will help loads!

Duke: if you don’t mind I’ll just take a biiiiig sniff of you, because your smell will be on the collar.

Milly: Hahah, ok whatever you need to do.

Big Sniff

Continued sniffs whilst walking

Duke: It’s taking me to the forest, have you been in the forest today?

Milly: Errrrmmm I don’t know, I can’t remember.

Dasher: Yes, we did we were playing tig in there earlier.

Snoop: Yeah, it could have came off in there.

Duke: Ok, in we go.

Sniffs whist walking.

Duke: The smell is getting stronger! We must be close, there it is!

Milly: Yay! Thank you, Thank you! I’m so happy!

Dasher: Yay, that’s amazing wow!

Snoop: That’s so cool!

Milly: Thank you so much Duke, You’re the best!

Duke: Oh don’t be silly, It’s nothing I’m happy to help. Ill see you later.

Narrator: Duke starts to walk back over to the tree that he sits by.

Milly: Guys we should ask him if he wants to play with us!

Snoop: Yeah he did help us find your collar.

Narrator: Dasher runs towards duke and stops him.
Dasher: Duke Wait! Do you want to play with us?

Narrator: Duke turns around with a big smile on his face.

Duke: If I’m not a bother.

Narrator: Snoop and Milly run over.

Milly: Of course come and play! Its your turn to count!

Duke: Ok, 10, 9, 8 … becomes mumbled.

Narrator: Now everyday when duke comes to the park he plays with Dasher, Milly and snoop. They are now the best of friends. It just shows that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. So when you meet someone new be nice and make them feel welcome because they could be lovely and could be your new best friend.

I have started editing together, and now am working on the next scripts.


This last week I finalised the next scripts.


Scene 1

SFX: Crashing plates, things falling over and dog panting.

Door unlocks

Dog: Yes, They’re home, they’re home! Hello hello Hello. Please don’t leave me again. Don’t ever leave again. Ahhhh (Happy and excited)

Narrator: Max is a 4-year-old Golden retriever, his owners got him when he was just 8 weeks old. They thought he was so cute. Until he started growing and getting in the way.

Door opens

Man: Nooooo! Max you Stupid dog. You need to go! Come here, you useless animal! (Angry)

Dog: Cries, Wimpers

Woman: No, leave him it’s not his fault.

Man: No, this is everyday now! Get it out! Max get out

Dog: Oh no not again it’s cold out here. Please Please please. (Dog cries)

Narrator: Max gets dragged out into the rain

Back round noise gets quieter narrator becomes more prominent.

SFX: Door slams, rain noise and dog cries.

Mumbled arguing

Narrator. Max runs towards the corner of the cold, wet garden. Where there is a tatty drenched old blue blanket crunched up in the corner. Max’s corner. He sits down with his back pushed right back to the wall. He bows his head down in shame. His eyes sneak up to watch the argument unfolding in front of him. Like every night when his owners get home, after being left alone all day. His body slowly declines towards the muddy wet ground. Just like his hope to be accepted back into the family.

Scene 2

SFX: Door Closing, Chatter.

Kid: Mum, mum, mum. Why is that dog there?

Mum: Eurgh, No, Lucy don’t touch it. It’s dirty.

Narrator: Lola starts to shake and flinches as their voices get louder.

Kid: But mum its hurt look

SFX: Dog cries, Child runs towards.

Mum: No Lucy come here. It’s dirty leave it. (SFX Dog cries)

Kid: But mum

Narrator: Lola is a 9 year old brown Dachshund with a black 5spot that covers her left eye.

Mum: No Lucy that’s a horrible dog! If you want a dog, we’ll talk about getting you a new puppy. Now come on.

Conversation then becomes mumbled.

SFX: Footsteps away.

Narrator: That’s the 7th person that’s walked past Lola today and not thought of helping her, Lola was abandoned after her owner died and no one knew she was there. She now lives in a soggy cardboard box down the side of her old home. The new owners chase her away every time they see her.

Scene 3

SFX: Door opening

Dog: Cries

SFX: Stomping towards. Dog cries.

Man: Patch where are you! Come here!

Narrator: Patch, is a three-year-old Dalmatian that lives with his owner Ian, patch’s favourite seat is behind the couch where Ian can’t see him. Every night Ian comes back from the pub patch is greeted with his forceful hand and thrown outside. Patch isn’t wanted by Ian and isn’t fed or loved by him.

Dog: Cries

Scene 4

SFX: Car pulls up to to shop.

Owner: Stay there Sam I’ll be back soon

SFX: She leaves the car.

Narrator: Sam is a Pomeranian puppy that has just recently been brought into the family. 2 hours pass on a hot sunny day and Sam’s owner Linda is no where to be seen. Meanwhile Sam is dehydrated and getting hotter by the second. Linda approaches the car and goes to open the door when she notices her friend. Linda looks into the car and says

Linda: Oh she’ll be fine; I’ve only been gone half an hour.

Sfx: Whilst she’s walking away, Hi Shannon you ok?

Narrator: That was 3 hours for Sam in the car, Clare got to the car 15 minutes later Sam close to death and in dyer need of a drink. Whilst Linda loves her dog she walks her, she feeds her and she plays with. Linda doesn’t understand the seriousness of leaving dogs in cars.

End a montage of them shouting at the dogs

4- Oh she’ll be fine, She’s not been there for that long

1-Stupid dog! Why did we get a dog?

2-Get away from that rotten dog!

3- Patch where are you! Get here!

SFX: Dog cries.

News Montage: Dogs trust have saved blah blah blah….


News Montage

Intro: Dog’s depend on humans for their everyday needs – food, water, shelter, veterinary care, love and more. Yet thousands of animals across the UK have no guardian to care for them, let alone a warm, comfortable place to curl up in at night.


“Dogs need love and affection”

“Dogs are part of a family and how you could just abandon a part of the family is beyond me.”

“If you don’t have time for a dog, you shouldn’t have one”

Over 47,000 owners have abandoned their dogs in the past twelve months according to Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity. Dogs trust work towards getting forever homes for every Stray, Abandoned and Lost dog.

Interview with Dogs trust


“How many dogs do you get in a year, is it improving?

“What are the actions you take to better it?

“What laws are in place to better dog welfare What laws do you think should be in place?

“What are illegal activities that people use dogs for?”

Our 20 centres around Britain thrive towards getting dogs off of streets, out of violent homes and away from illegal activity. From Canterbury to Glasgow our main priority dog’s welfare and to minimize the indecent acts carried out by irresponsible owners.

To make it easier for families to understand the importance of dog’s welfare and the urgency of adopting older, abandoned or lost dogs and bringing them into loving homes two dramas have been created to portray the life of a dog and its well-being. The first is an insightful audio book for kids about the importance of accepting new friends and not judging a book by its cover. The second is a look into the life of dogs that live in a life of danger, it reveals the horrible conditions that these dogs are in.


I am now finishing editing all of the episodes and adding music and sound effects.

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