Iona Hammond

Written Pitch:


Audio drama(Podcast) –                         3 Episodes


DUR:                                                        6-8 MIns per episode (3 episodes)

Narrator/Presenter:                               Dean Smith

Producer:                                                Iona Hammond


Short synopsis:

The Dogs Trust provide homes for unwanted dogs, help them and then move them into a loving family. Iwant to give families a clearer understand of what the dogs trust do show them the lives of the dogs that end up in there centres. A 3 part series containing a Intro, Kids audio drama and an adult audio drama.


Long synopsis:

The day a family prepare themselves to find a new dog to join their family is an experience that they will remember forever. Delving into the importance and excitement of this journey a family will go through being part of this experience, we will bring life, colour and highlight how memorable this event is in a family’s life.


A journey begins when a family visits a centre homing dogs that need new owners. They make their way around the centre viewing/getting to know the dogs that are currently homed there. Here a guide/volunteer will give the family an insight into the dog’s background. This experience may be challenging for young children as it isn’t the orthodox way of getting a pet. From this experience the family end the process by choosing the dog they think their home will suit best and bring it home to the family.

Prepairing families and explaining to them why it’s important to adopt abandoned, lost, old or injusred dogs is cruicial.

The audio dramas show you the life of a few of our dogs, and gently explain to children why its imporant to welcome new people/pets/friends into our life ans to not judge a book by it’s cover. There will also be an intoduction episode that will bring explain the dramas and bring context to the piece.

Confirmation of commision: The email from 7Digital confirming my commision.








At Dog’s trust we believe that every dog deserves a forever home and the neseary care. The number of Dog’s coming into our cenres are rising and we would love to expalain and show you the impotance of adopting our loving Dog’s and bringing them into your families.

We have created a podcast with 3 episodes. The first will explain what is to come and some background of what we do here at the dogs trust. The second is a drama created so kids can understand the importance of bringing in a new and maybe old frind into you family and not to judge a book by its cover. The third is an insightful look into the lives of dogs before the come to ours centres.


IN: An investigation has been launched..

Out:… Dog in the first place.

DUR” 16’10



Are you thinking of getting a New friend/New member of the family? Take a listen to our 3 Part Audio Drama one for you to understand what our dogs go through before they come to us, and one to really explain to your kids the imoortance of welcoming in the new friends and not to judge a book by its cover. 




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