On this day we were put into our teams and then we had to decide out of genre of the radio show that we will producing as a team. We had a very long debate about 2 particular genres which was soft contemporary (Magic) and should and funk. I really like soft contemporary music and know a lot about it but not everyone else’s as passionate as I am, but I really like should and funk as well so I didn’t really mind which one we were going to do as I knew I would be really invested in the work as I like both genres. We eventually voted to do soul and funk. We then needed to decide what roles everyone in the group will be but not everyone one was there so we all went home and researched what all the roles were and got an idea of what we wanted to do. I knew that wanted to dabble in the ads as I’d listened to some of the years before and thought it would be really fun and creative. The next meeting we had we finalised the roles and I chose to do ads, we then started, the ads team and I, to think about what adverts we wanted for our show and what adverts feature on the radio station that we were going to be using (Mi-soul). We came up with around 30/40 adverts and that we thought matched the stations demographic and our sound. We are now working on scripting the adverts that we have decided and getting six for them; the next step will be getting voices for them and making mock adverts for practise and then doing actually doing the adverts.


This week we came into uni having more of an idea what we were doing and had most of our scripts ready for the adverts, the next step would to voice them. So we met as a team and see who had done what made sure people had the right amount of adverts and the ones that they had been allocated. We did this through a separate iMessage group. As me and Bernice are head of advertising we have 5-6 adverts to do and the others had around 2-3 as they have other roles in the group. Over the week we started getting the adverts voiced we started using members of our group and then going external so we could quickly get the first few finished. So for my first advert I used my voice and Fay from the other group as I thought our voices fitted the advert that I had in my head, the advert is for Waterstones and I wanted an older lady feel to it with a northern twang. I have put the finalised adverts in my google drive folder as it is to big to go on here.

Waterstones Advert

I am now voicing all of my other adverts I am in the middle of editing 2 and just need to voice the other 2. After I have finished all of my adverts me and Bernice are going to go through all of the adverts together and make sure they’re all at the same levels and all match our radio station and we think that they would go on to our show. So for next week I’m going to finish all my ads so that I can go and help other roles in the team.



This week we had a lot to do as we had all the voices for our ads and all we really to do was to edit all of the ads ready for the pilot show. So we had a group meeting about what needed doing, what was done and what needed changed. Once we finished the majority of our ads we began to look at each others and see if there was anything that we would change or any improvements that were needed which is on a list on google drive. We then went through our adverts to make the changes. We had a meeting on Thursday with Matthew about the whole group/project to discuss where we were at and getting everything communicated to Matthew, the ads and branding then had a small meeting with Matthew to listen to the adverts. The general information that we took back was that we needed older voices to fit the demographic of the station and that we should try and get voice over artists. So I found a few voice over actors online that said they would voice my ads for free and now just waiting for them to email me over their voices so I can just change the voices that I had with theirs. After this me and Bernice are going to go over all of the adverts and make sure they all have made the changes and fit the station.


This week is basically the week that everything with the adverts needs to be done so they can be uploaded onto myriad, So we’ve taken all of the advice from Matthew and Tom after the pilot and applied it to the adverts for the final show we have all the ads made. Bernice and I just need to make sure all the levels are all matching and good to go out on the show. We have also had to go through all of the other ads to make sure the corrections have been made and they fit the rest of the ads to go with the rest of the ‘Perfected Adverts’.


Live show week, We had all of our adverts finished, all on myriad ready of the live show. Everyone was very stressed so anything that I could to do to help on the live day would have been appreciated. But on the day the thing that I mostly helped with was the OB, we got it all set up for the christmassy feel and to look good for the visual side and online. We had fairy lights the black out curtains round and strong lights to spotlight the performer area. We had run throughs with our performer Emanuel, and it made me feel like the OB was going to be great because I thought he really fit into our genre/Radio station. After the run thorough I know me and Natalie felt great and I think it boosted our energy for the rest of the show and made up fell more at ease. Whilst listening to the show I thought that all the adverts sounded great and all the work had paid off and really fit into the show. I think the whole team did great and I’m really pleased with the turn out.


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