CUE: The world is rapidly becoming more and more digitalised and technology orientated every week. The number of global users using a mobile over took the number of users using a desktop around 2014 and since then the number of mobile app users has risen by 200 million. There has been many studies in recent years that the rise in technology has began to change human relationships saying that quality of time isn’t the same anymore. More friends and couples message each other as much as they have conversations in real life and it is difficult to have meaningful conversation, pay attention to, and truly listen to people when daily interactions are continuously interrupted by technology like phones buzzing, studies say. Are we taking away emotional connection and causing more friction? I talk to Tim Wightman a technology geek and computer game designer about whether he thinks technology effects us in a negative way and it has effected him personally.


IN: “What types of technology and social media do you use….”

OUT:”….and you can’t do anything about it.”

DUR ‘1.53’

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