Vinyl: The Unexpected Comeback

James Dyson – 16/11/2016


Vinyl, a format most thought was a dying breed, has made a hugely successful comeback in recent years. With the recent resurgence in its popularity, I decided to sit down with Rich and Nick Onslow from South Records in Southend-on-Sea, Essex and heard from their perspective, both their surprise at the comeback and how it’s impacted their livelihoods.

In words: “so yeah in the last few years…”

Out words: “proves how important it is to the business…”

Duration: 2:00

Back anon: South Records’ Rich and Nick Onslow discussing the resurgence of vinyl.

Matthew Bradley: Education in the UK

James Dyson – 19/11/2016

Education, a vital part of the UK’s infrastructure, a topic millions of young people are concerned about. I spoke to Matthew Bradley, a labour councillor from Preston, Greater London about his thoughts and concerns on the Labour Party’s current position on education and the current state of education in the UK as a whole.

In words: “the current state of where labour is on education fluctuates so rapidly…”

Out words: “you’ll never necessarily see the financial outcomes you would need…”

Duration: 3:30

Back anon: Preston Council’s Labour councillor Matthew Bradley talking to James Dyson about education in the UK.

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