The Hunt Is On is an attempt to understand just why mankind is so fascinated with the idea of the treasure hunting. Focusing on a contemporary form of the activity, geocaching, you will be taken on a journey with the award winning geocacher, GeoPaul, in an attempt find hidden containers.

Along the way, you will hear about a treasure hunt that captured the world’s imagination back in the eighties, you will attend a meetup of modern day treasure hunters in Middlesex and you will be taken out into the English countryside in Surrey to learn how to take part in a treasure hunt fit for the twenty first century.



The Hunt Is On


Treasure hunting, you might think it’s an activity constrained to pirate films and children’s parties. But if you knew there was treasure near you, would you look for it? James Larvin has been tracking down the modern-day treasure hunters.


IN: As the Hare got close to . . .

OUT: . . . you might just find some treasure.

DUR: 10’00”

BACK: James Larvin tracking down the modern-day treasure hunters. If you want to learn more about geocaching, you can do by visiting

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