Individual Audio Project Concept

I want to create two 7 minute features about using social media to launch a music career. Each episode will focus on a particular artist and go through how social media has impacted their career and how they’ve used it to their advantage in promoting themselves and gaining fans overseas. I think doing two episodes would be better than a full 15 minute piece as this allows the interviews to relate to each other but not interfere.

Potential Contributors



A singer/ songwriter who has 310,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel where she has been posting original songs, covers and vlogs for 7 years.

It would be interesting to discuss with her, how different she feels her social media usage is now compared to when she released music the first time.

I have contacted her management about an interview and am awaiting a response.



Also gaining a following through his YouTube channel, Bry has performed in 66 countries and has 365,000 subscribers. He is about to begin his last tour and because of this, I think an episode about his career would be a really nice reflective piece of audio.

I’ve met Bry a few times before and we follow each other on Twitter so I think an interview with him is likely to be possible. I have contacted him via direct message on Twitter and am awaiting a response.

Other possible interviewees


  • Tallia Storm (500K Instagram followers)
  • Dodie (Most popular YouTube video has 13M views).

They will be contacted if I do not get a response from one of the musicians or if they decline to be interviewed.


I’d like to make the episodes in a similar style to an interview I did a few years ago (which you can hear below). I’d like this project to have more speech than my previous feature but still use sections of the musician’s tracks (with permission) as I feel this makes it flow well and is a more interesting listen with them.

Potential Commissioners

  • Somethin’ Else or Wisebuddha

I want to get two contributors confirmed before I begin to contact companies about commissioning the project.

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