Rich and Lauren Record Shop Conversation



There has been a massive resurgence in the last couple of years regarding the purchase of Vinyl’s. In a small record shop back office tucked away in the heart of East London, Rough Trade workers Rich and Lauren provided interesting conversation on their opinions of the music of past and present.


On top of this they went into detail as to why visiting these shops is a far better experience than just streaming music online.


In words: ‘It’s become more about…..’

Out words: ‘……it’s nice to see and to enjoy their enjoyment’


Back ano: Rich and Lauren discussing the importance of vinyl and the changes to the music industry as a whole. (Conversation recorded in Rough Trade East)



St Mary’s/Reverend James Power Interview

21/11/2016 Jason Kundi


A small church on a hill overlooking all of London. A structure erected by William the Conqueror nearly 1000 years ago. You may have heard of St Mary’s church in Harrow but one man who certainly has is Reverend James Power.

He’s been Chaplain of the harrow school for over twenty years and the vicar at St Mary’s since 2015. Here are his thoughts on the Harrow community and why Faith is so important in today’s busy world.


In words: ‘I’m certainly not the first……’

Out words: ‘…..a lot of interest areas in people’s lives’

Duration: 3’11’


Back anno: That was Reverend James Power talking to Jason Kundi there. (St Mary’s is located on Harrow on the Hill)

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