This week was a fairly hectic week for myself and my production group.

We had two group meetings this week, in which a multitude of things were cleared up, refined, and reworked.

This week I worked with Joe P and Riya to create more features for the show, including a new smaller quiz which will feature a ticket giveaway. I also worked with Joe to rework and refine both the studio sheet and the radio clock for both hours.  During the rework we also added in songs from the a-list, b-list, and c-list from the music playlist.

I also spent time this week creating the questions for the Britpop Master feature/competition. There are 5 questions per contestant and are all fairly simple as difficult questions defeat the enjoyable aspect of the game.

We’re currently planning multiple meetings this week to ensure we are prepped for our first pilot show. This week myself and Riya will be continuing to refine the ticket giveaway segment, as well as ironing out any kinks that appear when we attempt to do a run through of the studio sheet with Joe P.

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