I have learnt a lot during this module, seeing how to pitch ideas to radio stations in class such as Charlie Sloth NWA rap show in class taught me new aspects of the commissioning process I had not learnt during my work/work experience, this module really highlighted to me how much research and understanding of project needs to be completed before it can be even considered for a commission, as well as how different a documentary is from a radio show and the work that needs to be done to bring the a documentary to life, (eg, making it engaging, having overlapping audio when it works well, a wide range of contributes)

Going forward I really want to work in the music radio as a presenter, having had experience at presenting my own documentary as well as other shows throughout my time at university I feel I have learnt a lot about presenting and given how much I have enjoyed it I hope it is a natural next step for me. Going forward the 5 of the steps I’m following include,

1. Connecting with people in the industry on social media to help open doors to the industry.

2. Learning in more detail the commission process, even if I have a job on a music station I will still be expected to come up with new ideas so having an understand as to how the station/company.

3. Learning as much as I can on software such as Zetta and G selector as this is now standard across the industry and even though I didn’t use it for this project it is still good to have access to it.

4. Taking opportunities when they come even if it isn’t exactly what I want to do, I understand I’m a recent graduate and that it’s important to work hard in roles you may not want but use the role to learn show my skills and get promoted within the company.

5. Getting a good work life balance, I have been told by friends’ family and colleagues that I should enjoy my downtime more and not be constantly thinking about work as it isn’t good in general for my well being to constantly be thinking about work and my career.

I have connected with my many people during my final term at university as I plan my next steps into the work place, I have actively sort out people I think can help me get jobs in the areas I want to go, I’m not just following them on LinkedIn and Twitter but have actively sort to message some of them personally and build relationships from there. Some of these people include,

Rupert Winter Head of Audio/Director at Markettiers @Rupert_Winter
Akshay Patel Entertainment and Sports Journalist Daily Star @Aksh_Journalist
Dom Betts Producer at Talksport Dom Betts (LinkedIn)
Lucy Lavery Podcast Producer Talksport Lucy Lavery (LinkedIn)
Lewis Smith Freelancer producer Radio1 Lewis Smith (LinkedIn)
Kerry Johnstone Researcher/producer at 7Media Kerry Johnstone (LinkedIn)
Earyel Bowleg Reporter at Tribune News Earyel Bowleg (LinkedIn)
James Rea Director of broadcasting and content Global James Rea (linkedin)
Luke Gregory Talksport producer Luke Gregory (LinkedIn)
Megan Wickins Freelancer presenter Megan Wickins (LinkedIn)
Kaylee Golding Bauer Media group presenter Kaylee Golding (LinkedIn)
James Rea Director of broadcasting and content Global James Rea (linkedin)
Marc Conway Head of Talent Global Marc Conway (LinkedIn)
David Spencer Former head of news Talkradio @mediamentor
Lee Clayton, Head of Talksport @LeeClayton_

I hope through these contacts I have made I can showcase my skills with what I have learnt on this module about documentary making as well as what I have learn during other modules at university such as the pop up station were I was the editor and co-presenter for our successful radio station based on travel, music radio were I presented a show based off of the format of Virgin radio that scored was well received. I’m continuing to practice my presenting with my course mate Ewan chapman with whom I am currently presenting a show on the university radio station smoke radio where we talk issues in football and discuss new music,

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