Cue: Recent studies have found further evidence of our growing attachment and dependence towards technology, specifically the hand held kind. Joe Pilbrow has more.

In: ‘BBC Radio 1’…

Out: …you googled it, you googled it.

Dur: 3’30

Nomophobia, the fear of being without your mobile phone, reportedly affects 66% of us with the average person checking their phone 34 times a day.

Immediately this seems like a problem and its one thats affecting young people the most. 77% of 18-24 year olds admitted to having this phobia last year so are we becoming too attached?

The younger generations are a group that have grown up alongside the smartphone meaning a world without it may seem slightly alien to them. So much so that physical effects such as a racing heart and increased blood pressure can occur when separated from our electronic friend for more than a couple of minutes.

With statistics only expected to increase over the next few years as technology becomes even more important to us, we wanted to find out not only how big of a problem people think Nomophobia is, but also how we should combat it.


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