Leicester City/Sandeep Basra Interview


24/11/16  Jonathan Pryke



Although the shock winners of the Premier League, Leicester City, are having a great run in the Champions League, they’re not doing so well back home.


After another defeat away at Watford, are the fans starting to doubt their own team’s ability?


Sandeep Basra, a lifelong Leicester fan, shares his opinion with Jonathan Pryke, after the game.




In Words: “I thought as a Leicester fan…”


Out Words: “…I’ve grown up on the streets”


Duration: 3’ 14”


Back Anno: That was Sandeep Basra talking to fellow Leicester fan Jonathan Pryke, just before catching his train back home.






Victoria Park Players/Lucie Johnson-Jones & Philip Barass


24/11/16   Jonathan Pryke




Amateur Dramatic groups and village plays are considered by many as almost a necessity during the Christmas Period. But who actually funds them and are there even any talented actors involved?


Philip Barass and Lucie Johnson-Jones are 2 members of the Victoria Park Players, an am dram group in Hackney, and they tell Jonathan Pryke exactly why they do it.




In Words: “We’ve been going for something like…”


Out Words: “…who knows?”


Duration: 1’ 54”


Back Anno: That was Philip Barass talking with Lucie Johnson-Jones, about the history of the Victoria Park Players, and why they do it. [Tickets for their Christmas performance, an on stage selection of comedic radio plays, are available at Lauriston School]

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