In Great Britain, we love to follow traditions. Whether that’s making a sweet cup of tea during the ad breaks of a show, eating roast dinner every Sunday or constantly complaining about the weather. One thing in this wonderful country is that we all love a good wedding, and I’m certain that it is safe to say that we have created a few traditions within that area too. However as time goes on, we are slowing watching these great traditions either fade away or being completely changed, some love the new changes and some simply don’t. Click below to hear more.

CUE: “With the upcoming Royal Wedding already breaking quite a few of their own traditions, Sara Hebil-Motie sets out to report to see if all weddings across the UK are still following the grand traditions that Britain have set”

IN: (8 seconds of the beginning of ‘Going to the Chapel by The Dixie Cups) “Weddings. They’re full of…”

OUT: “… really expensive process” (10 seconds of the ending of  ‘Going to the Chapel by The Dixie Cups)

DUR: 3’31”

BACK ANNO: “For more information on wedding traditions, go to the BBC Radio 4 Website”

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