For my individual audio project I started off by wanting to do something on students in sixth form as a podcast and how it is going to sixth form and what it’s actually like. I got this initial commission via word of mouth and I also put a post up on Facebook.

After class discussion I decided to change my idea to a podcast based on a musical theatre performer. This meant listening to some podcasts similar to what I was hoping to do, my favourite one was the magic fm theatre and musicals one and has so far been a big inspiration into planning what I’ve wanted my piece to be like. This podcast doesn’t have much production to it, which therefore makes it an easy listen and I think this is something I like about podcasts. They are something I can have playing in the background and I can understand the clarity of voices and what is being said.

I for a while did intend on doing a documentary of a performer / feature but after listening more to this podcast series it inspired me. From my interviewee I want to find out about the show they’re in and then about them during the informal podcast. My idea is that although it’s a podcast it’ll be more like a chat but with me asking questions. The way I came about these questions was researching the show that my interviewee is in and also talking to them. 

I managed pitch my idea to get a commission off a small theatre based blog but am trying to aim higher and have so far emailed the ‘The Stage’ and will be further emailing ‘what’s on stage’ and perhaps ‘encore radio’ to hopefully finalise my commission.

I am doing this project backwards as such. I have got my safety net commission however I am getting my interview done with raw audio, then I am going to get a commission and do what they want me to with the audio in the final stages of editing. 

My interviewee is Courtney Bowman who has made her west end debut in hit musical ‘Everybody’s taking about Jamie’. I made communication with her through person to propose the idea to her initially and then continued to further give details via the social media platform twitter where we officially confirmed a time and date for the interview to take place.

Over the next few weeks my production schedule is going to include: recording the interview, securing the commission, creating some branding for my podcast and doing some rough cuts.

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